Who is Agri Novatex?

At Agri Novatex we are focused on farming, just like you – from protecting your precious crops to providing farmers with innovative, effective, reliable solutions – giving you one less worry in the highly variable industry of agriculture.

Leveraging over 40 years of agricultural manufacturing experience across the globe, Agri Novatex with its historical origins in Italy has since 1977 been more than just a supplier of high-quality products to protect your precious crops.

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Agri Novatex UK is the British business unit of Novatex, a major distributor in crop baling sector. Creating Agri Novatex, the company increases its commitment in the UK market.

Domenico Castagna

Novatex Commercial Manager

What they say about us

In the beginning, I was skeptical about these products coming from Italy, but then I found out that these nets have been already in use for 10 years throughout the UK and that these net wraps are developed for the British market. I accepted the challenge and now I‘m very happy about Agri Novatex products. I’ve got 100% my money’s worth out of them

I had problems with my bales, but nothing was wrong with my baler. I started to get worried about my profits hanging in the balance. I ended up changing the nets as suggested by my dealer. I bought a few rolls of Novatex Winner and I got my problem solved, now my baler doesn’t miss one bale!